SKS Processing Ltd

Our History

The original family farm is located in the Manor area of S.E. Saskatchewan.

For the first two generations it was a mixed cattle and grain operation.  Brian, who is the 3rd generation had a vision to become a pedigreed seed grower complete with a seed cleaning facility.  In the fall of 1983 Brian and Lorna were married, the following year Sunny K Seeds Ltd. was born and the vision began to unfold, earning our first pedigreed crop certificate with CSGA (Canadian Seed Growers Association).

In 1986 we proudly opened our doors as a newly accredited seed establishment. This accreditation is a continuing process through CSI (Canadian Seed Institute) to confirm their high standards are being maintained.  We have achieved and maintained a high level of quality and has been granted a reduced monitoring status through their Increased Interval Program. As a fully accredited seed establishment, and with an accredited grader on site, we can process, grade and market seed we have grown as well as seed grown by others.

In 2016 Sean Akins returned to his hometown and his first employer. Working for Sunny K Seeds for five years in his past he was no stranger to the industry. In 2018 with the guidance, experience and full support of Brian and Lorna, Sunny K Seeds entered the next chapter. With Sean becoming the new owner and operator, SKS Processing limited was born.

Our smart approach

Our team of professionals will deliver the best services to you company.

  • High standards
  • High level of quality
  • Fully accredited
  • We meet our customer’s needs

Also we have expertise in technology and business planning.

SKS Processing Ltd

The new millennium

With the new millennium there were new requests that came to SKS Processing Limited. Could organic grains be processed for human consumption markets? First we needed an official organic certifying body to inspect and recognize our business and facilities. This has developed into a great relationship with TCO (Trans Canada Organic Certification Services). SKS Processing is now a certified organic processor and marketer of organic grains.

SKS Processing has specialized in the hulling, processing and cleaning of organic ancient grains. These grains include Spelt, Einkorn and Emmer. This process takes these grains from their hulled state to a 99.9%+ cleaned, ready for end use marketable product. This has taken more investing into equipment and knowledge to meet market demands of high human consumption quality.

We continue to add expertise in technology and business planning in the cleaning facility, the office, and communication with you, our valued customer.