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We are your certified organic and conventional seed processing solution. From dehulling ancient grains to preparing seed for the coming season and more. We offer many services in Western Canada including Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Organic Processing
Organic Processing

From dehulling spelt and einkorn to custom cleaning of all organic seeds.

Products and Sales
Products and Sales

We now offer mini tote bagging for products being processed at our facility. To ensure quality control we are only able to bag product while we process it. We hope to provide general bagging in the near future. Please see our rates for pricing (includes tote,pallet,strapping and labour).

Also we are pleased to announce that we now offer processed products for sale. Contact us for product availability and pricing.

Custom Cleaning
Custom Cleaning

Custom seed cleaning and processing for sale or planting next season’s crop.


Wheat .65/bushel

Rye .75/bushel

Barley .75/bushel

Oats .65/bushel

Flax 1.80/bushel

Peas 1.00/bushel

Soybeans (gen 1) 1.00/bushel

Millet 1.75/bushel

Lentils 1.00/bushel

Canary Seed 1.75/bushel

Spelt 150.00/tonne or 300.00/hr

Einkorn 308.64/tonne

Oats (dehulling) 150.00/tonne

Mini Tote Bagging 100.00/per tote

Scale Charge 15.00

Equipment Consignment Sales
Equipment Consignment Sales

Sell your quality used equipment and vehicles etc. with us.

Certified Mechanical Services
Certified Mechanical Services

Repair services for oilfield , industrial, ag, light duty and small engine.

Mechanical Labour Rates

Industrial-Ag-Heavy Duty-Oilfield 90.00/hr

Automotive-Light Duty 60.00/hr

Trailer-camper 50.00/hr

Motorcycle-Small engine-augers 45.00/hr

Tire mount and balance is available for light duty items 15.00/tire